Plutschow Gallery, Zurich

History, tradition, abstraction, contemporaneity, hybridity, classical sculpture, craftsmanship, digital environment, information technologies, reality, fiction, renaissance, identity, Italy, art, sculpture, installation, mineral, hands, death, spirituality, community – they all become a starting point of an artistic exploration that instigates action, creates distance, layers the heterogeneous amalgam of actions and new meanings. This unexpected mixture of indexes, in the same vein as veal and tuna, creates an elegant, provoking and tempting cultural sediment. Folded together, enmeshed into forms and volumes, this artistic body of work shows that events, very far from each other in chronology and narration, sometimes act as contemporaneous inmates. Time and history are not linear for them; they follow many dynamics and chaotic processes, they have many linearities which provide a consistency. This consistency we call vitellotonnato.

to coincide with the group exhibition VITELLOTONNATO feat. Sergio Breviario, David Casini, T-young Chung, Marta Pierobon
at Plutschow Gallery, Zurich 11.06.-10.09.2016

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