The Angels of the World

Plutschow Gallery, Zurich

Within the framework of his itinerant project «The Angels of the World»,
 Peter Wüthrich continues the photographic series which began in 2001 in Los Angeles, continued in Santiago de Compostela, London, Milano Cimiano, Mexico City, Madrid, Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto, Paris, Venice, Sao Paulo, Santos, Thessaloniki, Monaco,
and which is prolonged today in Milano, to show for the first time, a small selection of them.

On the occasion of the Exhibition at «Atelier Les Copains», Milano
Curated by Chiara Guidi and Roman Plutschow

Photographie: Peter Wüthrich
Coordination: Chiara Guidi, Roman Plutschow
Design: Sandra Binoth & Peter Wüthrich

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