Raul Mourão „IN MY OPINION“

Exhibition:    11 June 2017 - 16 September 2017

Opening:    10 June 2017  /  4 - 7 pm
(During Zürich Gallery Weekend: 10 & 11th June 11.00 - 17.00) 

PLUTSCHOW GALLERY is pleased to present „IN MY OPINION", the first solo exhibition of Brazilian artist Raul Moruão in Switzerland. Mourão, who lives and works between Rio de Janeiro and New York, will showcase a collection of seven sculptures, four paintings, three works on paper, one photograph and one video.


Known for working with various media, as well as for pieces that transit between two opposite fields -fictional and documentary- Raul Mourão is, since the 1990's, a prominent figure in the Brazilian art scene. In My Opinion features the artist' most recent body of work, including six sculptures of the series "Garrafas" (bottles), where he exposes his ongoing research on the kinetic aspect of everyday objects. Another good example of this continuous exploration is "Skull", a kinetic wall sculpture made entirely of steel.


The "Fenestra" (window) body of work is a series comprised of four paintings developed by the artist since 2014, previously exhibited in Brazil -both Rio de Janeiro & São Paulo- and in New York. Additionally, amongst the works on paper, we find delicate cuts that suggest geometric figures, stairs, bars, and windows -constant themes in Mourão's repertory- as well as the striking graphic work that gives the title to the exhibition. The latter successfully manages to create a dialogue between strategies of visual communication, advertising, and visual poetry.


The show is completed with a video art piece named "Bang-bang number 1", which depicts six of Mourão's sculptures being shot with six different guns respectively with an original soundtrack composed by Brazilian musician and producer Ricardo Imperatore.


"The action of shooting the bottles in a shooting booth arouses different readings: the combat between who produce art and who despise it; the clash between culture and barbarism; a theory of absolute opposites. It is a commentary about life and death, about violence and stupidity in our society", says Mourão. "The world today is crowded by lots of opinions, but few executions. This exhibition is a cartoon about this tragic picture that is the excess of opinion and lack of action. The world's vanguard needs the production of real things, not only vague and fragile opinions".


For further information, please contact:

Roman Plutschow, +41 79 293 52 22

Guadalupe Alonso, +71 78 641 22 82